Taking Care of U

The University of Minnesota's Boynton Health needed an experienced web agency to develop, design, implement, and provide technical services to improve their web presence. They chose Nighthawk because of our in-depth knowledge in website planning, Drupal CMS, user experience (UX) research, information architecture (IA), design, and implementation.

University of Minnesota Boynton Health Website Drupal CMS

University of Minnesota’s Boynton Health Website

Boynton Health serves the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, providing comprehensive health care with a public health approach to campus well-being.

The Need

The University of Minnesota's Boynton Health embarked on an ambitious project to redesign its website and migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10. The primary goal was to modernize the platform to enhance user experience, streamline content management, and ensure accessibility across all devices. Boynton Health faced the dual challenge of integrating a wealth of health services information into a cohesive, user-friendly website while meeting technical and accessibility standards.

The Solution

Nighthawk Marketing initiated the project with a detailed UX & discovery phase, involving key stakeholders to ensure the new design aligned with Boynton Health's strategic goals and user expectations. Next up came the development of wireframes and design concepts that laid the groundwork for a user-friendly interface across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The development team then built a scalable and accessible site structure, focusing on front-end and back-end elements that supported easy navigation and content management. Emphasis was placed on quality assurance, cross-browser testing, and analytics integration to ensure the site's performance and accessibility standards were met. The project resulted in a seamlessly migrated, modern website that enhances the online presence of Boynton Health, serving as a vital resource for the university community.